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Nutra Prep and Nutrabolt partnership in India - Sports Nutrition
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US-based active health and wellness company ‘Nutrabolt’ enters the Indian market; forges strategic partnership with Nutraprep

In a monumental move, Nutra Prep, a promising startup in the sports nutrition sector, has entered a strategic partnership with Nutrabolt, an international leader in health and wellness. This collaboration aims at the Indian production and distribution of ‘C4’ and ‘Xtend’, two of Nutrabolt’s prime brand products.

Guided by industry expert Amit Dhirwani, Nutra Prep will serve as the sole manufacturer and marketer of ‘C4’ and ‘Xtend’ brands in India. Known for their top-notch energy drinks, pre-workout supplements, and muscle recovery electrolytes and hydration drinks, these brands are set to revolutionize the Indian sports nutrition sector.

Additionally, Nutra Prep has teamed up with Bright Performance Nutrition for an exclusive omni-channel distribution of ‘C4’ and ‘Xtend’ products across India. This collaboration ensures fitness enthusiasts have convenient access to high-quality, affordable nutritional supplements.

Amit Dhirwani, Managing Director of Nutra Prep, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “We are proud to collaborate with C4 and Xtend, two of the most prestigious brands in the nutritional supplement industry. This strategic alliance allows us to bring the same product range, quality, and efficacy our customers have come to expect from these brands, but now at affordable prices, as they are locally manufactured.”



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