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Canton Fair Phase 3 Healthcare Exhibition
Smart Health Updates

Precision, Effectiveness, and Intelligence: Explore the Latest Trend of Healthcare and Medical Equipment Industry at 134th Canton Fair USA – English 

As the public is paying increasing attention to health management, the 5-day onsite exhibition of Phase 3 of the 134th Canton Fair held from October 31st to November 4th will present nearly 600 quality exhibitors in medical and healthcare industries and their state-of-art items and innovative technologies. The concepts of precision, effectiveness, and intelligence are highlighted and considered vital for the transformation in medical equipment industry worldwide.

Shanghai Rongtai Health Technology Corporation Limited (“Rongtai Health”), a top-notch company of intelligent massage chairs, devices and cushions, holding over 430 patents, showed their Dual-Mech Massage Chair (Health Detection Edition). Supported by AI algorithm and various control modes, such as voice, mobile App, etc., this intelligent massage chair can monitor the users’ heart rate, SpO2, and micro-circulation status in a real-time manner while they enjoy the massage. Click here to get more info:

The up-to-date research and development achievement — Knocking Master Massager, displayed by Zhejiang Haozhonghao Health Product Co., Ltd. (“Zhejiang Haozhonghao”), has attracted many visitors. The high-tech healthcare device is designed with three gears and three massage heads to provide users with flexible and customized massage plans at their back, shoulders, ankles, and other parts of the body for fully relaxing the muscle and enhancing blood circulation. Click here to get more info:

Contec Medical Systems (Qinghuangdao) Co., Ltd. (“Contec Medical”) is a high-tech software enterprise specialized in medical diagnosis and clinical monitoring equipment and aiming to offer reliable health management plans to patients. Their Plug In Patient Monitor can be used in post operative observation and ICU/CCU for adults, children, and newborns to oversee eight parameters including ECG, RESP, SpO2. Click here to get more info:

Mr. Tim Zhang, Sale Manager of Contec Medical shared that the company’s products with advanced technology has successfully entered the Europe, the US, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and other regions, and Canton Fair is a great platform for international trade and a window to get to know the new demands and trend in the market.

A rich array of leading healthcare products and medical equipment companies will be sharing their top, advanced and latest products to engage with global buyers at Phase 3 of the Canton Fair. For additional information about the exhibition, please visit the Canton Fair’s official website or get in touch with



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