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Pharmactive Biotech booth at Vitafoods Europe
Pharmacy Innovation

Pharmactive Presents Affron® Saffron Gummies and Aged Black Garlic

Catering to the world of natural wellness, Pharmactive Biotech Products, SLU will showcase two premier clean-label botanical ingredients: affron® saffron extract and ABG+®, aged black garlic. Both are prominent examples of innovative products designed to improve quality of life.

On display will be delicious affron gummies. Nearly a dozen clinical studies support the ability of affron to enhance mood and address occasional states of stress and anxiety, as well as to confer positive effects on sleep quality. This balance between cognitive support and sleep quality makes affron a valuable option for consumers seeking natural enhancement of their mental and physical wellbeing. The new gummies deliver 15mg affron each and natural flavours such as cherry.

ABG+ emerges as an innovative solution for helping to manage cholesterol and blood pressure. These properties not only have been shown to aid in the support of overall cardiovascular health but also to offer effective prevention against the risks associated with heart disease.

The efficacy and safety of these botanical compositions are backed by research and demonstrate Pharmactive’s commitment to enriching the future of natural supplementation.

Visit us at Vitafoods Europe 2024, 14-16 May, in Geneva, stand #F34



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