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Osteoboost: Reshaping the Landscape of Bone Health Treatment for Postmenopausal Women

A new chapter unfolds in the story of bone health treatment, as Osteoboost takes center stage at Endo 2023. The device, developed by Bone Health Technologies, employs targeted vibration to combat low bone mass in postmenopausal women.

The study enrolled 126 women and measured vertebral strength changes via Biomechanical Computed Tomography. Astonishingly, Osteoboost decreased the loss of bone strength by 82% and bone density by 85%.

Laura Bilek, Ph.D., emphasized Osteoboost’s significant contribution in understanding novel mechanisms for post-menopausal bone loss. Additionally, Laura Yecies, CEO of Bone Health Technologies, accentuated Osteoboost as a trailblazer in non-pharmacological intervention for osteopenia.

With its innovative approach, Osteoboost is set to revolutionize bone health treatment, providing hope and empowerment to countless women.



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