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Anthony Weston, CEO of SUANNUTRA, leading the way in nutraceutical innovation.
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A New Era for SUANNUTRA: Anthony Weston to Catalyze Global Nutraceutical Expansion

SUANFARMA’s subsidiary, SUANNUTRA, has ushered in a new era of commitment and growth within the nutraceutical industry by appointing Anthony Weston as its CEO. This strategic move aligns with the company’s goals of enhancing customer focus and addressing the diverse and dynamic demands of consumers globally.

As a nutraceutical player, SUANNUTRA has established its footprints through core brands including Gonmisol, Monteloeder, and Suanfarma USA. With these brands as the driving force, SUANNUTRA seeks to secure a top spot in the market of branded and innovative ingredients. Moreover, its longstanding reputation for quality and innovation will be leveraged to enhance its market presence in functional and essential ingredients.

The global outreach of SUANNUTRA is nothing short of remarkable, with active customers in 50 countries across Europe, the USA, and Asia. The appointment of Anthony Weston promises to build on this reach. With an extensive background in global business management and a track record of delivering sustained profitable growth, Weston’s vision aligns perfectly with SUANNUTRA’s objectives.



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