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Pharma Live Expo & Summit 2023 Mumbai: Inspiring the Future of Pharma
Pharmacy Innovation

Indian Drug Manufacturers Association Organises Pharma Live Expo & Summit

The Pharma Live Expo & Summit, organized by the Indian Drug Manufacturers’ Association, ignites the future of the pharma industry. This electrifying event promises three days of inspiration, collaboration, and limitless potential at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Nesco Mumbai, from January 17th to 19th.

A kaleidoscope of vibrant booths showcasing the latest pharmaceutical aces, from potent APIs to sleek packaging machineries. The air crackles with excitement as 20,000 pharma professionals, representing every facet of the industry – from eagle-eyed QA specialists to meticulous production engineers – mingle and forge connections that will shape the future of healthcare. This is the vibrant tapestry of the Pharma Live Expo & Summit, blessed by the Dept. of Pharmaceuticals, Govt. of India.

The inaugural ceremony of the Pharma Live Expo & Summit shone under the illustrious presence of key industry leaders and dignitaries. The Summit was inaugurated by Dr Arunish Chawla, IAS – Dept. of Pharmaceuticals, Govt. of India.

It also includes Shri Ajit Singh, Chairman, Associated Capsules Group Worldwide, Shri Abhimanyu Kale, IAS, Commissioner, FDA, Maharashtra Dr. H G Koshia, Commissioner, Food & Drugs Control Administration, Gujarat, Dr Viranchi Shah, National President, IDMA and Director, Saga Lifesciences, Shri Chirag Doshi, Chairman, Pharma Live Expo, Shri Shobhit Deputy Drugs Controller, FDA, Madhya Pradesh, Shri Jayant Kumar, Dy. Drugs Controller, CDSCO, Shri Ashish Chauhan, Director, Bluetech Media, Shri Eddy Wardoyo, Consul General, Republic of Indonesia, Shri Raj Kumar Sharma, Founder President & CEO, Indo Latin American Chamber of Commerce, Shri Shereef Rahuman Managing Director Icexpo Consults Pvt Ltd., Dubai and Dr George A Patani, Vice President (Western Region), IDMA & Director, INGA Labs Ltd.

“India’s pharma and med-tech industries are on a powerful trajectory, fuelled by the government’s two-pronged approach: targeted financial incentives and strategic policy frameworks” mentioned Dr. Arunish Chawla, IAS, Secretary, Department of Pharmaceuticals, Govt. of India.

He highlighted initiatives like bulk drug and medical device perk schemes, common facility support, and a dedicated policy framework presently mapping the value chain across tariffs and GST to optimize tax structures and incentivize domestic value addition. He further emphasized on the ongoing reform of existing schemes to ensure their effectiveness in meeting industry needs.

“Knowledge is power, and IDMA is committed to empower the Indian pharma industry” declared Mr. Daara Patel, Secretary General IDMA. He pointed to their strong network of “national and international speakers, including partners like The United States Pharmacopeia (USP)”. These partnerships not only bring “expert voices to the table” but also facilitate “regular seminars and workshops” on cutting-edge advancements.

“This summit is not a congregation, it is a celebration of the relentless pursuit of excellence in pharmaceuticals. We are here not merely as spectators but as an active participant in the symphony of innovations. In these next three days, let us carry forward the spirit of innovation and collaboration that define Pharma Live 2023. Together we intend to make this event the greatest event of Pharma in Mumbai” he concluded.

The delegates from countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Ghana, Uganda, Angola, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Swaziland, Slovak Republic, Australia, Madagascar, Chile, Somalia, Nepal, Rwanda, UK, USA, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Philippines, Nigeria, Barbados, Myanmar, Germany, UAE, and many others joined this business extravaganza.



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