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Hope for Prostate Cancer Patients: Avenda Health’s Unfold AI Enables Precise Cancer Mapping

There is newfound hope for prostate cancer patients as Avenda Health introduces Unfold AI, an innovative technology that employs machine learning to accurately map the extent of prostate cancer.

Unfold AI’s ground-breaking 3D visualization technique ensures physicians can formulate personalized treatment strategies. This is in stark contrast to the conventional approach of treating the entire prostate, which often leads to patients losing their sexual or urinary function.

In a study led by Stanford University School of Medicine, Unfold AI demonstrated a higher rate of complete clinically significant prostate cancer encapsulation compared to full-gland removal.

Shyam Natarajan, Ph.D., co-founder and CEO of Avenda Health, spoke of his excitement at the results, reflecting on the importance of personalized care in prostate cancer treatment. The technology, which received FDA clearance in late 2022, promises to bring about a change in prostate cancer care that has been long overdue.

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