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Fostering Green Innovations: Merck’s Young Scientist Award 2023

The Merck Young Scientist Award, an initiative by leading science and technology company Merck, is once again set to honor outstanding young scientists across India. Notably, this year’s edition sees a significant addition with a new category dedicated to Sustainability Research.

This new focus highlights the growing emphasis on environmental issues within the scientific community. The category will encompass green chemistry, renewable/alternate energy, sustainable materials, and manufacturing. It’s a clear testament to Merck’s recognition of the importance of eco-friendly innovations in today’s world.

To be eligible for the award, researchers need to have less than 10 years of post-Ph.D. research experience and be associated with a research institute. The award will serve to acknowledge ten talented individuals pushing the boundaries of scientific research. Applications will be open until August 16, 2023.

Previous editions of the Merck Young Scientist Award have seen remarkable participation from the scientific community. With the introduction of the Sustainability Research category, expectations for an influx of groundbreaking applications are high. To learn more or to register, please visit here.



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