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Gauri Chaudhari holding her book 'The Perfect Pill'
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Gauri Chaudhari’s ‘The Perfect Pill’ – A Beacon for Building Successful Healthcare Brands

Gauri Chaudhari’s bestselling book ‘The Perfect Pill: 10 Steps to Build a Strong Healthcare Brand’ has been re-released in a revised edition, taking a groundbreaking approach to building and marketing healthcare brands.

The book delineates how to better understand the brand, market, customer, and competition, while focusing on developing a compelling brand value proposition and articulating it effectively. It subsequently tackles strategies for media, metrics, and evaluation, encapsulating all the crucial steps in the branding process.

In light of the recent global pandemic, Chaudhari recognizes the pivotal role of digital brand promotion. She illustrates how to orchestrate Field Force and Digital promotion to form a seamless omnichannel experience for patients and providers alike. The book is rich with practical tools, including a QR code linking to 12 essential templates to aid in crafting an unparalleled brand promise.

The author’s unique perspective on marketing healthcare brands stems from the understanding that every patient is unique and requires tailored solutions. Chaudhari’s book provides an invaluable combination of theoretical and practical guidelines accompanied by a wealth of case studies from the consumer, international pharmaceutical, and Indian healthcare industries.

Endorsed by Ambi Parameswaran, a renowned brand strategist, the book is “replete with examples from the pharma space” and applicable whether a brand is patent-protected or the 50th with the same molecule in the market.

Available in various countries and platforms including Amazon, Kobo, Kindle, iBooks, and Google Play, ‘The Perfect Pill’ is set to redefine the way healthcare brands are built and marketed globally.



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