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Dr. Deepu Sebin Resigns as Marrow Founder, Leaves Legacy of Excellence and Impact; Vineet Bagri Named CEO

Marrow, the premier healthcare education and training platform in India, has announced that its founder, Dr. Deepu Sebin, has officially resigned from all capacities. The Board has appointed Vineet Bagri, the former Business Head, as the new CEO of the company. Dr. Deepu plans to take a short break before moving on to new adventures in healthcare investing and advisory roles.

Dr. Deepu’s legacy at Marrow is one of excellence and impact. He has helped shape the future of healthcare education and training in India, inspiring a culture of continuous learning and advancing evidence-based practice. Under his leadership, Marrow has become the leading platform used by over 80% of medical students in India to supplement their medical education and improve their clinical skills.

“We are grateful for Dr. Deepu’s contributions to our team and the healthcare industry,” said Vineet Bagri, current CEO of DailyRounds and Marrow. “While we will miss his leadership, we are excited to build upon the foundation he has laid and continue to provide the best healthcare education and training platform to our users.”

Dr. Deepu Sebin’s departure marks the end of an era at Marrow, but his legacy will continue to inspire the next generation of healthcare professionals in India. The future of Marrow is bright, and under Vineet Bagri’s leadership, the company is poised to continue making a positive impact in the healthcare industry.



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