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“A Heart Full of Hope”: Genesis Foundation & ACRE Give Infant New Life

A one-week-old baby girl, born with a heart that was far from whole, has been given a new lease on life, thanks to the Genesis Foundation and its CSR partner, Assets Care & Reconstruction Enterprise Ltd. (ACRE). The baby was born with Interrupted Aortic Arch A-P window, a defect that keeps oxygen-rich blood from flowing freely to all parts of her body, putting her in grave danger.

But when she was brought to Artemis Hospital in Gurugram, a team of medical professionals, along with the Genesis Foundation and ACRE, were determined to give her a heart full of hope. Her father, a hardworking driver, couldn’t afford the life-saving procedure, but the Genesis Foundation stepped in and made it possible.

“This was a complex and high-stakes operation, but we’re overjoyed to have given this baby girl a heart full of hope,” said Dr. Aseem Srivastava, Head of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery at Artemis Hospitals.

ACRE funded the procedure as part of their ongoing mission to improve healthcare through their CSR initiatives. Together with the Genesis Foundation, they have already given over 80 children with heart defects a second chance at life. “We’re honored to be a part of this life-saving mission,” said Mr. Jatin Mahajan, Senior Manager at ACRE. “Here’s to a bright and healthy future for this precious little one.”



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