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Doctors Pioneering Digital Health, Uniting Old Challenges, Harnessing AI, and Realizing India’s Vision of “Make AI in India” and “Make AI Work for India”

As India marks National Doctors Day on July 1st, the nation pauses to recognize the outstanding commitment of doctors in maintaining society’s well-being. This year, the focus is on their key role in the rise of digital health, especially their involvement in incorporating AI technologies into everyday healthcare.

India’s doctor-to-patient ratio has significantly dwindled over the years, underscoring the critical role that AI can play in filling this gap and optimizing healthcare delivery. As the government encourages the “Make AI in India” and “Make AI work for India” movements, the future of healthcare is being revolutionized.

Startups are crucial players in this new era, with over 3,500 active healthtech startups leveraging AI, IoT, ML, and big data to address various healthcare challenges. Dozee, India’s first AI-based Remote Patient Monitoring and Early Warning System, stands out as a notable example.

As we celebrate National Doctors Day, we honor the doctors driving this transformation. Their collaboration with startups and their application of AI solutions will shape a more efficient, equitable, and patient-centered healthcare system in India.



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