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Brain Aneurysm Intervention in Record Time: How Narayana Health is Pioneering New Frontiers

Narayana Health has carved its name in medical history by conducting an incredible life-saving procedure in record time. The patient, aged 47, was in a critical condition due to a ruptured brain aneurysm, which had caused life-threatening internal bleeding. Narayana Health’s team of experts, led by Dr. Vikram Huded of NH Institute of Neuroscience, took on the formidable challenge and emerged victorious.

The procedure involved the use of an advanced flow diverter stent to reduce blood flow into the aneurysm. What’s truly astonishing is the speed at which this was achieved. Such interventions typically take about an hour to complete. However, Dr. Huded and his team completed it in an astounding two and a half minutes.

This is not just a win for Narayana Health; it’s an advancement for medical science. The manufacturer of the flow diverter device acknowledged this feat as the fastest recorded deployment globally. This is a clear demonstration of how innovation, coupled with the dexterity and expertise of the medical team, can achieve remarkable results.

Dr. Vikram Huded remarked, “We deployed an advanced type of flow-diverter device, and it is also the first time this device is used in India.” The device essentially redirects blood flow within the artery, keeping it away from the aneurysm, causing the aneurysm to eventually shrink.

With such a groundbreaking achievement, Narayana Health has set a new precedent and continues to lead in the realm of healthcare innovation.



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