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United for a Cause: Government and Corporate Support Bolster Special Olympics Bharat

Special Olympics Bharat’s journey to the Special Olympics World Summer Games 2023 in Berlin is made possible through the concerted efforts of government and corporate supporters. Their backing is not only financial but carries an emotional quotient that fuels the athletes’ spirits.

The send-off ceremony, which took place on 8th June 2023, saw participation from Hon’ble Union Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs Mr. Anurag Thakur, Hon’ble Union Minister Ms. Smriti Irani, and Herbalife’s Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Mr. Ajay Khanna.

Government support is crucial in fostering a culture that recognizes and nurtures talent irrespective of physical or mental challenges. Similarly, corporate sponsorship from companies like Herbalife plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the athletes are equipped with the necessary resources, including nutrition, for peak performance.

This collaborative support sends a powerful message about the collective responsibility towards creating an inclusive society. The Special Olympics is more than a sports event; it is a movement that embodies the values of acceptance, empowerment, and human dignity.



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