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BeatO and IIHMR-Delhi launch Certificate in Diabetes Education
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BeatO and IIHMR-Delhi launch course to provide comprehensive training in diabetes care

BeatO, a comprehensive digital care platform for diabetes management, has partnered with The International Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR) Delhi, to launch a 10-week Certificate in Diabetes Education for healthcare professionals. This unique collaboration aims to provide comprehensive training to healthcare professionals to prevent, control, and reverse diabetes.

Through the course, the healthcare professionals will gain hands-on experience in diabetes care, leveraging BeatO’s innovative smartphone-connected glucometers that work in unison with the BeatO app and an experienced team of experts, including health coaches, nutritionists, and top doctors. IIHMR-Delhi will provide technical expertise towards quality assurance, systematic delivery, and certification.

Upon completion of the course, the aspirants will receive certification from BeatO and IIHMR-Delhi. This collaboration aims to create a field force of certified diabetes educators who will significantly contribute to the prevention and control of diabetes in India.

BeatO and IIHMR-Delhi believe that this partnership will improve diabetes care education in India and provide high-quality care to people with diabetes. They aim to establish a standard for specialization through their expertise and knowledge in patient-centric diabetes care.



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