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Health services platform launched by DrAtHome allows remote tracking of patient health by doctors real-time

DrAtHome, a health-tech startup based in Noida, launched an innovative health services platform that enables patients to receive high-quality clinical consultations with live body vitals from the comfort of their homes. The platform connects patients to medical professionals and facilities while live-streaming real-time data, providing a seamless experience that prioritizes patient convenience and makes healthcare accessible and convenient for all.

Founder and Director of DrAtHome, Shalendra Sinha, stated that the platform aims to enhance the quality and accessibility of healthcare consultations. While video consultations have become quite prevalent, especially post-pandemic, the quality of consultation is frequently not satisfactory for the doctor or patient. This is because no data on medical parameters or diagnosis beyond those managed by the patient through her phone or laptop is available. However, the platform provides significantly superior quality of consultation and diagnosis, not only to the current format of video consultations but also physical clinical consultations in some cases.

The platform connects patients with the doctor of their choice through remote consultations aided by live-streaming of real-time data to the doctor and a trained nurse to assist the patient and the doctor during the consultation, from the comfort of their homes. First, the DrAtHome platform assists a patient in getting an appointment with a doctor of choice. The patient can choose to take the consultation from either the care van equipped to facilitate medical consultations in a comfortable atmosphere for the patient or from the comfort of their home.

During diagnosis, a nurse assists the patient and the doctor, ensuring that the physician gets all required information, views, and procedures administered. The integrated medical device collects multiple medical parameters such as heartbeat with a live stethoscope for pulse, blood pressure, oxygen levels, and even ECG and transmits the data live to the doctor. With the Live Intraoral Camera, close body observation of the patient is also possible. Moreover, the patient’s caregivers can also be connected from distance during the consultation. The platform also ensures complete post-consultation assistance through digitized medical records and help in tests and sample collections.

Sinha said, “To make these things possible, we have made a machine, software, and an application. We integrated it in the form of a Van and Bike Service, which will be operated by trained and qualified people. We have also applied and published the patent ‘A system and a method for remote medical assistance in real-time’.”

Dr Raman Kumar, the president of the Academy of Family Physicians of India, stated that since the Covid pandemic, telemedicine has become an important medium for healthcare delivery. It enables quick and effective communication, allowing both doctors and patients to exchange information in real-time. With a focus on preventive health, the Internet of Things (IoT), along with telemedicine, have created the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), which is set to become crucial in monitoring and preventing illnesses.

Dr Kumar also said, “With artificial Intelligence-driven analytics, tools, and machines, healthcare providers can find the right approaches for each patient in a much more efficient and precise manner. In the coming days, artificial intelligence, data, and IoMT will enable remote tracking of vital signs such as heart rate, blood oxygen levels, complex scans such as ECGs, and blood pressure, and also predict the risk of cardiac attacks.”

Currently, DrAtHome’s services are available in Noida, Ghaziabad, and the Greater Noida area of the National Capital Region (NCR). Sinha added that the platform is working towards adding delighted consumers and doctors in these cities and looking to scale up to multiple cities in a phased manner while maintaining very high controls on the quality of their services



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