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Zynova Shalby Multi-Speciality  Hospitals Organises Walkathon To Fight Against Cancer

Mumbai: India is home to millions of cancer patients. Currently, there is an upsurge in cancer cases as a large number of people are getting detected with lung, oral, colon, breast, ovaries, cervical, and stomach. To commemorate World Cancer Month, Zynova Shalby Multi-Speciality Hospitals, Ghatkopar organized a cancer awareness walkathon.  The walkathon began from R-city Mall to Zynova Hospital, and around  2000 people (including patients, doctors, nurses, and paramedical staff) participated in the walkathon.

Cancer is a growing matter of concern in India. A majority of people and their families are impacted by cancer, which is a leading cause of mortality and morbidity in not only India but all over the world. Timely screening, diagnosis, and treatment can improve cancer prognosis. Zynova Shalby Multi-Speciality Hospitals has come forward with a unique initiative to educate people regarding cancer causes, symptoms, and treatment.

Reny Varghese, CAO of Zynova Shalby Multi-Speciality  Hospitals Said, “Not only old people or adults but even children are getting detected with cancer due to age, family history, genetics, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, alcohol, poor eating habits, and physical inactivity.  This walkathon was conducted to raise public awareness of cancer prevention measures and technological developments that have paved the way for giving better survival rates. This walkathon aimed to inform people about cancer and why it shouldn’t be ignored. Placards displaying messages like   “Stronger than Cancer”, “When we walk, cancer runs”, “United Against Cancer”, “Knock Out Cancer”, “  Knowledge can kill cancer”, and “Dear Cancer, I hope one day you’re just a zodiac sign”, “Early Detection Saves Lives” were displayed on placards by the participants. There was also a selfie point for participants who clicked photos and created memories for a lifetime. It was heart-warming to see the participant’s excitement for such a notable cause. Due to advances in cancer,  we have a much stronger diagnostic infrastructure when compared to the past, therefore each and everyone should get screened for various types of cancer. Our hospital is determined to help the patients fight cancer and improve their quality of life.”

“I am thankful to Zynova Shalby Hospitals for conducting the walkathon to raise awareness on cancer. I am looking forward to more such impactful campaigns, rallies, and drives regarding not only cancer but different diseases and ailments too,” Concluded Shaila More



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