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Wishealth launches its 1st Lifestyle Homeo Clinics in Hyderabad 

Wishealth, Lifestyle Homeo Clinics, India’s first-of-its-kind holistic and nutrition-based healing centre which is designed to cure even the most complex diseases has launched its 1st clinic in Hyderabad at Ameerpet. Shri Dr G Srinivas Rao – Hon’ble Director of Public Health and Family Welfare – Govt of Telangana and Dr Sudheer Reddy – Wishealth has inaugurated the clinic. The new Wishealth clinic is located adjacent to Mythri Vanam, a walkable distance from Ameerpet Metro Station.

On this special occasion, Dr.G Srinivas rao also launched a unique diabetes reversal program of Wishealth called “U-Turn”. The specialized diabetes reversal program “U-turn” involves utilizing well-targeted medication and lifestyle changes to heal and promote the reversal of the disease. Wishealth’s comprehensive approach helps in treating diseases like Diabetes, Sleep Disorders, Cholesterol, Skin Diseases, PCOS, and Fertility Issues.  

Lifestyle diseases are becoming more prevalent in India. Hypertension has affecting 24% of the population, while diabetes is affecting 9-10% of the population. Approximately 75 million people in our nation suffer from diabetes, which places India in second position for diabetic patients, only behind China, (ss per a recent Redseer report). There is a need to focus on lifestyle diseases now because, with rising urbanization, increasing number of people are becoming sufferers of such lifestyle disorders. 

Homeopathy is the second most popular system of medicine in India, more than 100 million people depend on homeopathy for their health care. Homeopathy becomes 10x powerful with healthy changes in diet and nutrition. People have belief in the medicine which gives immediate relief and most of them have an assumption that homeopathy although will cure the problem with its roots, is a time taking healing process. However, Wishealth is one such platform which debunks such a mindset by offering treatment which helps find the disease root cause and offer a comprehensive approach that to treating a disease which goes beyond just symptoms.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri Dr G Srinivas Rao – Hon’ble Director of Public Health and Family Welfare – Govt of Telangana said “It gives me immense joy and delight to inaugurate the 1st clinic of Wishealth in Hyderabad at Ameerpet. I congratulate Dr Sudheer Reddy of Wishealth for inviting me to launch their new centre.  Most of the people still have a perception that Homeopathy treatment is a time taking process but it is not the case. Homeo medicines too give effective relief and cure diseases from the root cause. I am sure that Wishealth will successfully treat all its patients for their complex health issues.”

Driven by an unshakable belief in Homeopathy Dr. Sudheer Reddy started Wishealth to provide a holistic and nutrition-based treatment for even the most complex diseases. During his 21 years of experience in well-reputed homeopathy clinics, he has witnessed countless successful outcomes for even the rarest medical cases, which were considered very challenging even for the modern healthcare industry.

Expressing his joy at the opening of the new clinic, Dr. Sudheer Reddy, Founder – Wishealth shared, “I would like to extend my warm wishes to Hon’ble Director of Public Health and Family Welfare – Govt of Telangana Shri Dr G Srinivas Rao garu for accepting our invitation and inaugurating the 1st Wishealth, Lifestyle Homeo Clinics at Ameerpet. I am happy to start my new venture – in Hyderabad to treat the patients who are suffering from Lifestyle disorders.

He also added, “The unconventional way of treatment for Diabetes, Skin Diseases, Sleep Disorders, PCOS or Infertility issues through classical homeopathy problem area is the best, safest and the most effective way to be treated accordingly.” 

Wishealth envisions expanding to have 50 clinics with experienced homeo experts by 2025. Aims to bring healthcare to all Hyderabad residents by having clinics near most of the metro stations of the city. Also, it plans to unfold several ambitious plans very soon to make a mark in the healthcare industry through its approach to classical homoeopathy.

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