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People participating in the Blood Donation Drive at Vegas Mall
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Vegas Mall Organises Blood Donation Drive: Be a Hero, Donate Blood

A remarkable Blood Donation Drive was recently held at Vegas Mall in Delhi, where the local community demonstrated the power of collective action in saving lives. The drive was organized in collaboration with the Rotary Blood Bank and aimed to address the ever-present need for blood donations.

Located in Sector-14, Dwarka, Vegas Mall is a hotspot for shopping and entertainment. The accessibility and ambience of the mall played a significant role in attracting a diverse group of donors.

The Rotary Blood Bank’s presence, with its blood donation bus and expert team, was pivotal in ensuring the event’s success.

Mr. Ravindar Choudhary, VP of Vegas Mall, shared his excitement and gratitude for the collaboration and the participation of community members. He highlighted the importance of blood donation and the positive change it can bring about in society.

The Blood Donation Drive’s motto, “Be a Hero, Donate Blood,” reflected the selfless nature of the participants and the significant impact of their contributions.



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