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Tata 1mg Runs #ActiveBhiProactiveBhi Campaign for Senior Citizens in Association with Radio Mirchi

In the run-up to the World Senior Citizens’ Day, India’s largest digital health platform Tata 1mg launched a video campaign #ActiveBhiProactiveBhi in association with Radio Mirchi. The four-day campaign, built around an 80-second clip, urged elderly folks to keep a tab on their diet, maintain their fitness levels through walking, stretching, etc., get health checkups regularly, see a doctor promptly to resolve health-related issues, and, last but not the least, keep their mental state upbeat and cheerful. The company collaborated with renowned Radio Jockey Sayema from Radio Mirchi to be the face of the video campaign.
Said Dr Prashant Nag, Clinical Head, Tata 1mg: “The campaign was crafted to shine a light on the healthcare needs of senior citizens and empower them and their caregivers, be it children or relatives, to be active participants in their healthcare requirements. Staying healthy and fit becomes even more important in advanced years. About 80% of adults aged 65 and older have at least one chronic condition, while 68% have two or more. These include high BP, high cholesterol, arthritis, chronic kidney disease, diabetes and more. One can proactively tackle health issues with a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, timely prescribed medications, regular preventive health checkups, and planned doctor visits. And now accessing healthcare is just a click away with Tata 1mg. The video campaign connected us with this very important demography and highlighted how easy it is to take simple proactive steps to lead a healthy and active life.”

He added: “Our culture teaches us to care for our elderly and Tata 1mg wants to make it easier for senior citizens and their caregivers to manage their health conditions. About 21% of Tata 1mg users are above 60 years of age. We have a variety of ease-of-use solutions for senior citizens. These include a curated selection of elderly care products, medicines, and healthcare devices, custom diagnostics packages such as advanced full body checkup which has over 70+ curated tests and complimentary doctor consultation, and care plan membership where members can get rapid medicine deliveries, free shipping and extra savings on medicines and lab tests. With this campaign, we hope to raise awareness about the importance of healthcare to senior citizens and how Tata 1mg is playing a crucial role in resolving their health concerns by being readily accessible.”

The video clip shows RJ Sayema about to go on air when she gets a call from her mom. She is unable to answer and takes the first caller on the show, who to her surprise is her dad who wants to thank her for remembering to order her mother’s medicines from Tata 1mg. The video ends with an end slate and voiceover: “Doori pallon ki ho sakti hai, apke pyar ki nahi (The distance between you and your dear ones can be of moments, but not of your love.)”

Daily RJ mentions were done as part of the campaign in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata, with the RJ asking listeners to share their most interesting stories involving their grandparents. The top 30 listeners with the most interesting story were given a Rs 1,000 lab test voucher from Tata 1mg, and the winners were announced daily. The campaign, which commenced with a fun contest, also involved doctors from Tata 1mg addressing health-related queries from listeners.



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