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Takeda Biopharmaceuticals demonstrates innovative digital healthcare solutions at G20 meeting

Takeda Biopharmaceuticals India Private Limited demonstrated its innovative digital healthcare solutions at the G20 Health Working Group meeting in Goa, India. The meeting focused on creating a digital health ecosystem, discussing innovations in healthcare, exploring how technology can aid continuing care, and providing digital public health goods. Takeda Biopharmaceuticals showcased its digital solutions, including MyPKFit, Synapse, and Athena, at the event.

MyPKFit is an FDA-approved application that offers personalized and interactive prophylaxis treatment options. Synapse is a platform designed to enhance awareness and knowledge-sharing among healthcare professionals, engaging over 4000 healthcare professionals through scientific exchange and educational initiatives. The Athena App MVP is a digital health solution that empowers patients to easily track, understand, and communicate simple, robust measures of Quality of Life (QOL).

Takeda Biopharmaceuticals aims to leverage digital solutions to transform healthcare and empower healthcare professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to make a positive impact on patients’ lives. Their digital innovations aim to improve patient outcomes, advance healthcare access, and enhance standards of care, thereby optimizing patient benefits. Their participation in the G20 Health Working Group meeting aligns with their commitment to meeting the unmet needs of patients by discovering and delivering life-transforming treatments and innovative solutions.



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