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High-Flying Healthcare: TSAW Drones and Kanhaiya Life Care Medicine Initiate Drone Delivery Service in Kolkata

Kolkata is set to experience a transformation in healthcare delivery as TSAW Drones and Kanhaiya Life Care Medicine launch their groundbreaking business-to-consumer (B2C) medicine drone delivery service. Unveiled on April 18th, 2023, at the Hind Motor warehouse, the partnership aims to significantly reduce delivery times and provide seamless access to essential medications for patients in need.

The innovative delivery process commences at the Hind Motor warehouse, where drones collect medical supplies and transport them to TSAW Drones’ Howrah drone hub. Skilled bikers then complete the final leg of the journey, ensuring timely and efficient delivery to customers. The collaboration between TSAW Drones and Kanhaiya Life Care Medicine is poised to revolutionize healthcare delivery in the region, by leveraging TSAW Drones’ advanced logistics service and Kanhaiya Life Care Medicine’s expertise in pharmaceuticals.

Both Mr. Satyajit Roy, Consultant at Kanhaiya Life Care Medicine, and Mr. Arpit Sharma, AVP of TSAW Drones, have expressed their excitement about the potential of this partnership to redefine the way medical supplies are transported. The drone-assisted service guarantees swifter, more streamlined, and more secure transportation, ultimately improving the lives of many in the Kolkata community.



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