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Innovative snack sized apple company, Rockit Global is gearing up to inspire millions of consumers across GCC countries to Ready. Set. Rockit. Back to School during its peak sales period.

This builds on the Ready. Set. Rockit. campaign – where 79% of tested consumers said they liked or loved the campaign (Q4 2022) – fueling children and parents alike with a powerful punch of vitamins, antioxidants, and fibre as they Rockit back to school, work or play.

Rockit Market Manager for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Ziad El Chawa says the apple brand – which is sold in 30 territories worldwide – continues to prove popular with consumers in the Middle East.

“In the UAE alone, Rockit sales have increased 35 percent year-on-year (2023 vs 2022) and unprompted consumer brand awareness has jumped a massive 9% (Q2 2023 vs Q2 2022). Momentum from the highly engaging Ready. Set. Rockit. campaign is set to continue this growth, attracting millions of new Rockit consumers during the peak Back to School sales period.

“As part of our ambition to become the world’s most loved apple brand, we’re excited to be collaborating with our partners across the Gulf region to enhance our activities each year. We’re launching our Ready. Set. Rockit. Back to School campaign in hundreds of stores with targeted tasting moments and gamified displays to build connection to the Rockit brand and drive consumer demand,” says Ziad.

Rockit will have a significant presence instore with compelling activations encouraging children to stay fit and healthy, along with creative limited edition gift boxes shaped like a book, containing premium, healthy and tasty Rockit™ apples, a pencil case and games. This will be supported by extensive digital activity including a social media competition with 20 juicers up for grabs on the @Rockitapplearabia Instagram page.

Rockit Marketing Executive for the Middle East and North Africa, Suha El Dassouki, says Rockit is an apple brand that thinks and acts differently, which is the key to its growing global success.

“We do things differently by focusing on enriching the lives of our consumers and finding new ways to enhance their retail experience. Our brand character, Rocki, is leading this strong omni-channel campaign with positivity and natural energy to highlight the importance of learning, while inspiring millions of new consumers to Rockit every day.

“We’ve worked hard to pack a punch not only with our premium product, but also with an exciting experience for our consumers across the Gulf region during this peak sales period,” says Suha. “There’s something for everyone in this world-leading marketing campaign, enabling consumers to enjoy the Back to School season the Rockit Way! It’s just another step in our journey towards sharing 400 million of our delicious and nutritious snack sized apples with the world by 2025.”

Rockit Back to School limited-edition packs are now available in stores and online across the GCC countries.



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