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Community Pharmacies Across UK Adopt PocDoc’s Digital Health Checks to Fight Health Inequality

PocDoc, the Cambridge-based digital health platform, has announced its launch in four major community pharmacy chains in the UK, providing digital Health Checks in over 300 locations. PocDoc has partnered with Knights Pharmacy Group, Weldricks Pharmacy Group, Greenlight Pharmacy Group, and Lincolnshire Co-op Pharmacy to increase the availability of cholesterol testing and address health inequality.

The PocDoc app delivers a complete cardiovascular Health Check pathway, including a lab-grade cholesterol test with results available in under 10 minutes. The platform also collects information on blood pressure and BMI, displaying the data in a health dashboard that compares results to NHS clinical guidelines.

By collaborating with community pharmacies, PocDoc aims to increase access to cardiovascular screening, both in-pharmacy and in community settings. This expansion is an important step towards addressing health inequality and helping prevent heart attacks and strokes through increased cholesterol testing.

In addition to their pharmacy partnerships, PocDoc has secured two major NHS contracts to expand cholesterol testing access beyond traditional GP surgery settings, including at home, on the high street, and in other community environments. PocDoc recently completed a substantial investment round led by Forward Partners, MMC Ventures, and Simplyhealth.

Steve Roest, CEO of PocDoc, emphasized the significance of community pharmacies in increasing access to cardiovascular screening and improving public health through the implementation of their digital Health Check services.

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