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Orbis and PBMA’s H.V. Desai Eye Hospital team up to bring sustainable eye care to Satara with innovative Green Vision Center

Orbis, a global non-governmental organization dedicated to preventing and treating avoidable blindness, has partnered with PBMA’s H.V. Desai Eye Hospital to open the Green Vision Center (GVC) in Satara, Maharashtra. The center takes a unique approach to providing primary eye care services by incorporating sustainable practices such as solar-powered electricity and energy-efficient appliances, all while using digital data management to reduce paper waste.

The GVC is more than just a facility for eye care; it’s a symbol of innovation and sustainability. By using clean energy and reducing waste, the center not only helps to protect the environment but also provides high-quality eye care services to the local community. Shabanam Gulab Mujawar, District Education Officer (Primary) in Satara, praised Orbis and PBMA’s efforts to bring affordable and sustainable eye care to the region.

The opening of the GVC marks another milestone in the longstanding partnership between Orbis and PBMA’s H.V. Desai Eye Hospital, which has been working for over two decades to provide ophthalmic treatments to communities in need. With this innovative approach, the two organizations are setting a new standard for how eye care can be delivered in a way that is both effective and environmentally responsible.



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