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Clear Within Chooses DolCas Biotech’s Curcugen® Turmeric Extract for Beauty-from-Within Supplement

Clear Within, a leading nutritional supplement company, has partnered with DolCas Biotech to reformulate its vegan nutricosmetic product for clear skin from the inside out. Clear Within’s product is aimed at adults of all ages who want to take care of their skin without harming animals. The company conducted a rigorous evaluation of various turmeric extracts and ultimately chose DolCas Biotech’s Curcugen® turmeric extract as the key ingredient for its reformulation.

Curcumin, the main bioactive in turmeric, is known for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties and its ability to address microbial imbalances and oxidative stress. Curcugen® is one of the most concentrated yet full-spectrum turmeric extracts on the market, featuring an array of essential oils and naturally occurring polar-type resins and polysaccharides that boost curcumin bioavailability. Clear Within found that Curcugen® boosted the bioavailability of free curcumin in its formula by 39-fold, freeing up space in its capsules for other active ingredients such as detox botanical, milk thistle, and zinc.

DolCas Biotech’s Curcugen® is manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility and is plant-based, non-GMO, and free from additives, synthetic and non-turmeric bioenhancers, and soy, making it suitable for consumers with dietary sensitivities. The company’s vertical integration also makes manufacturing more convenient and cost-effective, promoting its mission of sustainability to minimize environmental impact. Clear Within’s founder and CEO, Arrad Rahgoshay, praised Curcugen® for its safety qualifications and full-spectrum properties, calling it a “great new twist on turmeric” that offers the ideal synergy with Clear Within’s blended botanicals and nutrients.



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