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Dr. Vikram Kamat with Cancer kids at Life Access india Foundation
Doctor Dispatch

On World Cancer Day Dr. Vikram Kamat extends his support to cancer kids at Access Life Assistance Foundation

Treatment of cancer in itself is quite painful, emotionally and physically draining, and also expensive for everyone who is diagnosed with it. With cases rising on a monthly basis, it is essential that the awareness rises that it’s not only adults, but even kids can suffer from cancer. The right diagnosis at the right time can save a life. The 4th of February is celebrated as World Cancer Day, to spread awareness that if detected early, cancer is also curable. This year, Dr. Vikram Kamat visited Access Life Assistance Foundation with his family to support the wonderful work that Access Life Foundation has been doing for years.

When asked Dr. Vikram Kamat, Founder & Chairman-The Vitskamats Group, about his experience visiting Access Life (Chembur), he mentioned, “The experience was truly surreal to experience around 30 families cohabiting together sharing the pain and the little achievement of their kid’s treatment, getting the much-needed support from the Access Life Team. I feel fortunate that we could make them smile, dance and give them some moments of joy while they are going through such a tough time. I’m thankful to the Access Life Team for giving us a tour and this inspiring experience. Mr. Ankeet Dave has made such wonderful arrangements to host these kids and families in a safe and hygienic space along with travel arrangements for the kids and their parents; to and fro from hospitals. It is commendable what the foundation has been doing, understanding the need of little cancer warriors. I extend my support to this foundation wholeheartedly and urge more samaritans to join hands with this foundation and help this noble cause so that all children are Cancer free and taken care of when they need it the most.”



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