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Neolacta mother’s milk fortifier a boon for premature infants

Rio, Nayra, Anaya, and Tejas (name changed) all have one thing in common – they all owe a healthy catchup growth with reduced complication arising due to prematurity to a unique, one-of-a-kind product – Mother’s Milk fortifier (MMF). Unlike other fortifiers available in the market which are derived from Bovine milk, the fortifier which benefitted their growth and helped them gain weight was derived from Human Milk. The result was – an all-important weight gain from as little as 750 gms when the administration started to a respectable and stable level when they were discharged from the hospital. This unique product is currently produced by only one firm in Asia which is an Indian Startup based out of Bangalore – Neolacta Life Sciences.

It might sound unheard of but yes Human Milk-based Fortifier is one of the most potent lines of treatment when it comes to Low Birth Weight and Very Low Birth Weight Infants as endorsed by WHO (2017 guidelines), especially those who are born prematurely.

Speaking on the success of their Mother’s Milk Fortifiers, Country General Manager Sunil Kumar, Neolacta Lifesciences said “It is highly gratifying that our human milk-based products developed by our proprietary patented technology are instrumental in reducing complications of prematurity & creating impact to thousands of babies till date. We are constantly endeavoring to further create awareness about the benefits of MMF (Mother Milk Fortifier) in the country so that every possible premature infant life is saved, and the aspiration of parents get a new hope.”

When the birth weight of the infant is hardly a kilogram, the infant is susceptible to infections and many times fraught with it also.  Regular treatment of antibiotics is necessary to heal the infections and need to be administered for longer period resulting in increased hospital stay. Even infant formula milk is not well tolerated in some cases, and infants develop allergies to it like in this unique case reported by Dr. Anice Joy. The baby had developed Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy to Bovine Milk Based Fortifiers involving severe feed intolerance episodes and poor weight gain (5 g/day) then the baby was switched to MMF and there was reduced intolerance and an effective weight gain (30 g/day). After using MMF adverse symptoms were reduced, and the baby was discharged with good weight gain.

In Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Hyderabad, 14 extremely premature & LBW babies were rescued using MMF+. Rescue therapy was used for newborns with feed intolerance, systemic symptoms, or thrombocytosis occurring from Cow’s milk-based fortifiers as published in an Indian Journal of Pediatrics by Dr. Bharadwaj, et al. In a different branch of same hospital chain, a baby born at 27 weeks of gestational age with a birth weight of just 550 grams was admitted into NICU with respiratory failure at birth. The baby had experienced severe feed intolerance and abdominal distention due to NEC and BPD on day 10th of life. After starting MMF+ baby recovered and was discharged as reported by Dr. Tejas

The company has propriety technology in which  NeoLacta manufactures world’s first Mother’s milk derived fortifiers in powder form which supplements additional Protein, immunoglobulins & HMOs to pack a punch in the small sips that the baby can take. The product due to its powdered form can also be transported across distances at room temperature making it easy to administer and ensure compliance.

“The company also provides MMF for critical & unaffordable babies through their CSR initiative “AMRUT”, which has benefited more than 200 babies this year”

Neolacta partners with credible third-party NGOs, hospitals & digital channels for the collection of milk contributed by nursing mothers. The entire process is fair, transparent, and strictly SOP-driven to eliminate concerns about donor health, milk contamination, and expiry.



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