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Essential summer skincare items
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How to take care of your skin these summers

Has the scorching summer sun got you worried about your skin? To shield yourself and your skin from the blazing heat, make sure to double-check your bag for essentials before venturing out! Here is a quick checklist of must-haves to carry with you this summer:

  1. Wet Wipes:

When you step out for work or travel and use any form of transport it can get messy and sweaty. While on the go, its not easy to find restrooms to touch up or take a quick fresh check. Carrying a pack of wet wipes always comes in Handy. Savlon Germ Protection Wipes are a simple solution, as they provide 99.99% germ protection^ and can be used on a multitude of occasions and surfaces**. Spilt coffee on your car seat? Have smudges on your phone screen*? These wipes are thick, soft and moist. They are safe and gentle on skin with a fragrance which gives a fresh and clean feeling post use. During summer months, sweating can cause dirt and bacteria to accumulate on your skin, leading to breakouts and other skin issues. Wet wipes are perfect for quickly refreshing and cleansing your skin, keeping you feeling fresh and clean.

  • Handwash is a must:

According to Dr. Manoj Kumar, Consultant-Internal Medicine, Manipal Hospital Dwarka – Hand hygiene is an essential habit that plays an important role in keeping us healthy and preventing the spread of germs. Regular hand washing removes harmful bacteria and viruses, reducing the risk of illnesses such as colds, flu, and stomach infections. It also helps protect those around us, particularly children, the elderly, and individuals with weakened immune systems. Children often touch many surfaces while at school or playing, picking up germs along the way. They then touch their face, eyes, and mouth without washing their hands, which can lead to illnesses. Making handwashing a regular habit can effectively prevent the spread of diseases. Whether at home or on the go, using a good handwash is a simple yet powerful way to stay healthy.

A handwash that offers germ protection is particularly useful, as it provides a strong defense against germs and is an essential step in preventing illness. This is especially important for children, who love to touch and explore everything around them. By encouraging regular handwashing with a germ protection handwash, you can help keep your children safe and healthy.

  • Sunscreen:

There is no doubt that harmful sun rays have an impact on your skin. If you want to beat the heat and protect your skin from sun damage, it is essential to make a habit of using sunscreen with SPF 50 or higher to shield your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays. So, after wiping away dirt and sweat from your face, apply an ample amount of sunscreen before stepping out. Using a sunscreen with UVA and UBA coverage helps.

  • Sun Umbrellas:

If you tend to spend a lot of time walking outdoors or using public transport, a sun umbrella is a handy partner to help you though the day. It will aid you with some shade along your way, making the heat much more bearable!

  • Water:

A saviour for hot summers and all seasons, this is one essential no one can forget. A bottle of water is a must to keep you hydrated and your thirst quenched during the day.

Don’t let the summer heat stop you from getting the best from your day. Follow a few simple tips and tricks to ensure that this season is a smooth ride for your skin.



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