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MelOx NGen sustainable barrier coating for plastic food packaging.
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Melodea’s Sustainable Barrier Coating Boosts Food Packaging Recyclability

Melodea, Ltd., a pioneering producer of sustainable barrier coatings for packaging, has introduced its latest product, MelOx NGen™. This innovative solution aims to transform the recyclability of plastic food packaging, enhance food freshness, and reduce plastic waste.

Derived from plant sources, MelOx NGen™ is a water-based coating suitable for various types of plastic food packaging, demonstrating superior food preservation qualities and meeting FDA and BfR food contact requirements.

MelOx NGen™ positions itself as a sustainable, cost-effective alternative to EVOH and met-PET plastics, supporting global efforts to curb single-use plastics. The product aligns with the recycling objectives of the EU’s Plastic Waste Directive and represents a significant step towards achieving a circular economy.

Arriving in a market witnessing soaring demand for EVOH and increasing prices, MelOx NGen™ provides a solution that can be applied directly to plastic without the need for primers. Recognizing its potential to reshape the packaging industry, MelOx NGen™ has been shortlisted for the prestigious Sustainability Awards 2023. As more sectors turn to eco-friendly alternatives, MelOx NGen™ is set to make a lasting impact on the future of plastic packaging and recycling.



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