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Eleos Health and Kipu Health Announce Partnership to Deliver AI-Powered Insights to Behavioral Health Providers

Kipu Health, the leading technology partner for mental health and addiction service providers, and Eleos Health, the leader in AI for behavioral health, today announced a partnership aimed at delivering meaningful insights and efficiencies to behavioral health providers.

By enabling Eleos Health’s voice-based Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology to be embedded within its Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platform, Kipu will empower its behavioral health clients to automate documentation and clinical analysis of patient sessions. This not only eases providers’ notetaking process but also offers powerful insights to drive care decisions. 

“At Kipu, we’re passionate about creating an interoperable environment that embeds technologies to make providers’ lives easier and improve patient care,” said Ben Dittman, senior vice president of Kipu partnerships. “We’re working with Eleos to ensure our provider clients have the tools they need to efficiently document conversations with patients that will lead to evidence-based decisions throughout their care journey.”

Kipu Health serves more than 80,000 users at more than 1,600 facilities with its EMR, purpose-built for behavioral health care. By enabling providers to embed Eleos Health’s technology in Kipu’s fully configurable EMR platform, the companies are advancing their shared mission of empowering behavioral health providers to deliver personalized care decisions.

“We’re honored to join forces with Kipu to help providers deliver impactful patient care,” said Alon Joffe, CEO of Eleos Health. “Provider burnout related to administrative tasks continues to be an issue that behavioral health providers grapple with daily. By partnering with Kipu, we’re reaching a wide range of providers with support to reduce these burdens and powerful insights to fuel excellent patient care.”

Eleos Health’s innovative technology works seamlessly with existing EMRs, telehealth tools and provider workflows. The company’s embeddable CareOps Automation platform simplifies the note-taking process and has been shown to reduce time spent on documentation by 50%, increase the use of evidence-based treatments by 36% and drive three to four times better symptom reduction compared to treatment as usual.

Andrea Boorse, manager of clinical integration for All Points North — a mind-body health company specializing in mental health, addiction treatment, trauma therapy, and physical wellness which launched Eleos within Kipu earlier this year — commented on the efficiencies her team has gained as a result of the partnership.

“Overall, I’d say the benefit of using Eleos and Kipu together is how the artificial intelligence seamlessly integrates into the note process,” said Boorse. “We’re getting notes done faster, we’re getting more authorization time because of the detail of the notes and it helps with the process flow and workflow of our clinicians giving them more time back in their day.”

Kipu clients interested in leveraging Eleos can ask their customer success rep for more information or request a demo of Eleos at:



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