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Mary Gorder - Founder & CEO of Drs On Calls
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Drs On Calls Debuts International Consultations for Indian Patients

Drs On Calls, the pioneering telemedicine platform headquartered in the United States, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative “International Second Opinion Service” for Indian patients. This revolutionary service represents a significant step forward in bridging the gap between patients and esteemed global physicians, offering expert advice and consultations from the convenience of their own homes.

With a strong emphasis on healthcare accessibility, Drs On Calls is empowering patients across India to seek secondary opinions and consultations from a diverse range of renowned global healthcare experts, all while enjoying the comfort and safety of their own residences. This service is poised to redefine the healthcare landscape by ensuring that individuals have the ability to make informed decisions about their health and treatment options. Through the user-friendly app, patients can seamlessly connect with distinguished doctors and specialists from around the world, effectively breaking down the geographical barriers that have traditionally restricted access to international healthcare opinions.

At the core of the Second Opinion Service’s offerings is a distinguished panel of highly qualified doctors spanning various medical disciplines. This global consortium of expertise ensures that patients receive comprehensive and well-rounded insights into their medical conditions, enabling them to make informed decisions about their health and treatment options.

Mary Gorder, Founder & CEO, Drs On Calls, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “Our Second Opinion Service represents a significant advancement in our mission to provide patients with access to renowned international doctors. Informed healthcare decisions are pivotal to better patient outcomes, and our platform aims to facilitate seamless collaboration between medical professionals across borders.”

The International Consultation service on Drs On Calls is designed to be user-friendly, offering a hassle-free experience for patients seeking expert advice from overseas doctors. Patients can easily schedule virtual appointments through the app, selecting from a diverse pool of international specialists covering a wide range of medical fields. This seamless virtual interface ensures that patients can receive personalized attention and compassionate care without the need for expensive and time-consuming international travel.

Drs On Calls has gone above and beyond to ensure that the International Consultation service maintains the highest standards of patient privacy and data security. The platform employs state-of-the-art encryption and complies with global healthcare data regulations to safeguard patient information throughout the virtual consultation process.

The launch of the International Consultation service underscores Drs On Calls’ commitment to revolutionizing the Indian healthcare ecosystem and providing accessible, affordable, and world-class medical care to all. By amalgamating the expertise of global healthcare specialists with the convenience of telemedicine, Drs On Calls aspires to elevate the standard of healthcare for patients in India and beyond.



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