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Young Adults Bullied Between 9 & 16 Years Have Higher Odds of Developing Emotional Disorders Over Time: Says Study

The alarming statistics unveiled in the recent McAfee report have highlighted the urgent need for collective action to combat cyberbullying in India. With a staggering 85% of Indian children being the largest victims of cyberbullying worldwide, it is crucial for parents, educators, policymakers, and society as a whole to come together and address this growing concern.

Cyberbullying poses severe risks to the mental and emotional well-being of children and young individuals. Dr. Nandini Sharma, Director Professor & HoD Community Medicine at Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, emphasizes the need for immediate action, stating, “The constant exposure to online harassment and intimidation can have severe consequences, leading to increased levels of anxiety, depression, and even suicidal ideation, especially among children.”

To shed further light on the issue, a significant collaborative study was conducted at Maulana Azad Medical College under the leadership of Dr. Nandini Sharma. Funded by the Ministry of Education, the study aimed to prevent cyberbullying through effective parenting strategies. It involved a cross-cultural collaboration between Indian institutions and universities in the United States, resulting in the publication of a comprehensive book on cyberbullying prevention.

The detrimental impact of cyberbullying on young adults cannot be underestimated. Studies have revealed a strong correlation between bullying experiences during adolescence and the development of emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety over time. It is imperative to intervene early and provide the necessary support systems to protect the mental well-being of our youth.

Eliminating cyberbullying requires a united front. Society must collectively take up the responsibility of creating a safe and respectful online environment for children and young individuals. This involves implementing stricter regulations, educating parents and educators on digital literacy and online safety, and fostering open lines of communication to encourage reporting and intervention.

Prominent figures, like British actress Kate Winslet, have expressed their serious concern about the devastating effects of cyberbullying. We must heed their call and take proactive steps to eradicate harmful content from the digital landscape.

The fight against cyberbullying demands the collaboration of individuals, organizations, and policymakers. Together, we can create a future where every child and young adult can thrive without fear of online harassment. Let us join hands, raise awareness, and work towards a safer and more inclusive digital space for all.



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