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Volunteers donating blood at City X-Ray & Scan Clinic's blood donation camp.
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World Blood Donor Day: City X-Ray & Scan Clinic Takes the Helm in Battling Blood Shortage

The alarming scarcity of blood in India has been met head-on by City X-Ray & Scan Clinic in Delhi, which hosted a blood donation camp on World Blood Donor Day. This humanitarian act was carried out in alliance with Guru Nanak Dev Charitable Blood Centre.

The initiative sought to enlighten the community on the desperate need for blood, the importance of donating, and the necessity for safe transfusion practices. The numbers are staggering – someone in India requires blood every two seconds, and more than 12,000 people lose their lives daily due to the inaccessibility of blood.

The clinic’s endeavor saw 23 generous individuals, including its staff, donate blood. The donors were given appreciation certificates, and refreshments were arranged for their convenience.

Dr. Aakaar Kapoor, CEO and Lead Medical Advisor of City X-Ray & Scan Clinic, expressed his profound gratitude to the donors and emphasized the crucial role that blood donation plays in saving lives and bolstering health.

City X-Ray & Scan Clinic has been a luminary in the diagnostic landscape since 1993. With NABL and NABH certifications, the clinic is a symbol of the highest standards in healthcare diagnostics.

The blood donation camp is a testament to City X-Ray & Scan Clinic’s unwavering dedication to community welfare and the advancement of healthcare.



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