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Magnicool mattress with cooling technology
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Sleep Like Never Before: Discover the Magic of Magnicool Mattress by Magniflex India

Magniflex India brings a breath of fresh air to the sleep industry with the introduction of its Magnicool mattress. Designed with state-of-the-art Japanese fabric technology, Magnicool ensures that you stay cool even during the hottest nights.

The Magnicool mattress is distinguished by its ability to regulate temperature through optimal air circulation, creating a consistent microclimate for the sleeper.

Dr. Shankar S. Biradar from Trust-in Hospital in Bangalore, underscores the importance of body temperature in sleep quality and commends Magnicool for its innovative fabric that acts as a thermostat.

But that’s not all. Magnicool is constructed with quilted memoform material along with a massaging system and hypoallergenic fiber padding. This composition guarantees comfort and contour adaptation.

Magniflex India also introduces the Magniflex Investment Plan (MIP), offering EMI options, making it easier for you to invest in your sleep.

With Magnicool, embrace a new era of sleep – cooler, comfier, and utterly rejuvenating.



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