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What To Eat During Winters To Keep Yourself Warm?

The author of this article is Vikas Chawla, Ayurveda Expert, Founder & Director, Vedas Cure

Winters become unbearable without warm clothes, cosy blankets and food that keeps you toasted throughout the season. While clothes and blankets are possessed by everyone, what are the best eatables is a dilemma for most people. It is extremely essential to eat warm yet healthy food that does not have an adverse effect on your body. Experts suggest that instead of choosing options that might burn a hole in your pocket or are not conveniently available around you, home remedies or ingredients readily available at home can prove to be an even better option to curb winters.

Below mentioned are some of the most favourable food habits for the winter season that would keep you warm and active:
 Hot Soups- Containing a good amount of vegetables and made with pulses, cereals or any other semi-liquid composition, soups are a great source of warmth during winter. Adding pinches of salt, pepper, cinnamon, and other spices that play a vital role in keeping the body heated and adding taste to the eatable is an outstanding way of relishing it.
• Meat- Meat is known to raise the body temperature and gives energy as well. It is a remarkable source of iron and protein and majorly contributes to improving metabolism against illness. It can be used in semi-cooked and fully-cooked forms, soup, curries or roasted.
• Hot beverages- Hot beverages are something that is loved by all, homemakers, working people or retired members of the family. Everyone loves to cherish their favourite beverages, tea, coffee, flavoured milk, soup, juices, and kadha, at regular intervals of the day. Apart from relieving your taste buds, these beverages also keep you warm throughout the day.
• Ghee– Ghee is the most loved natural ingredient that is used with every food, pulses, vegetables, chapati, milk, etc. The component keeps your body’s temperature high and strengthens your body’s immunity. It can be used for cooking food as well as in raw form along with it.
• Ginger– Apart from being the most effective herb for treating cough and cold, ginger is an excellent component for warming the body by increasing blood flow. It can be used as a herb in tea or by boiling in water, as well as raw for instant relief from a throat infection.
• Dry Fruits & Nuts– These are a rich medium of fat and reduce body temperature. Dry fruits and nuts are also an efficient alternative to food and provide equivalent energy in consuming a smaller amount of it as well. A few of them also provide iron and are suitable to be consumed in any season. However, winters are far more preferable.
• Jaggery- It is the most commonly used sweetener in various parts of our country. Consisting of iron, it improves the digestive system and keeps the warmth of the body intact. It also cures constipation and boosts metabolism. It is good to consume a small amount of jaggery after meals every day during the winter season.
• Sesame Seeds– Consumed in the form of halwa, laddoo, powder or any other composition, sesame seeds are an excellent component for keeping the body heated. They are filled with iron and calcium and bring several benefits to the body along with relief from cold.



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