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HAMPA Hemp Wellness Products on Display
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Unleash the Power of Hemp with HAMPA’s Comprehensive Wellness Range

Discover HAMPA’s Hemp Wellness Range, a line of natural, chemical-free products that combine the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with the remarkable benefits of hemp. These products focus on enhancing overall well-being, boosting mood, and increasing metabolism to address a variety of health concerns.

The range features several popular items, including the nutrient-rich Hampa Hemp Hearts and Hemp Seed Oil, which offer essential proteins and fatty acids that promote lean muscle, immunity, gut health, metabolism, and heart health. For targeted relief from pain and discomfort, HAMPA provides Hemp Arthritis Intense Relief Oil, Hemp Joint Care Capsules, and Hemp Muscle Pain Relief Oil. To improve mental health and sleep quality, the range includes Hemp Stress Relief Capsules and Hampa Vijaya Extract Tincture. HAMPA even caters to pets with their Hemp Seed Oil and Vijaya Extract Tincture for Pets, promoting overall well-being, growth, immunity, pain relief, and anxiety reduction.

Emphasizing the importance of incorporating hemp into daily wellness routines, HAMPA’s founder, Mr. Rajneesh Punj, states, “In order to be at your productive best, your mind and body need to be healthy and in sync. Hemp rich in CBD alone is known to work effectively in treating inflammation in the body and in reducing chronic pain… Its nutritional profile is strong and wide-ranging.” Experience the incredible power of hemp with HAMPA’s Hemp Wellness Range, starting at Rs. 999, and available on and leading e-commerce platforms.



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