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Save Earth Mission’s Blueprint for Battling Cyclone Biporjoy: The Confluence of Tradition and Technology

Save Earth Mission interweaves ancestral knowledge and cutting-edge technology in their latest advisory for Cyclone Biporjoy.

As Cyclone Biporjoy looms, Save Earth Mission draws upon age-old wisdom and contemporary technology for its advisory.

Traditional practices such as storing water in earthen pots to keep it cool are recommended, along with modern water purification tablets. This interweaving of old and new is crucial for comprehensive preparedness.

Utilizing the age-old practice of candle lighting during power outages, Save Earth Mission combines it with modern portable solar chargers.

Communication, which has evolved from traditional messengers to mobile phones, is vital during disasters. Save Earth Mission emphasizes keeping mobile phones and power banks fully charged.

Solar panels, while modern achievements, need to be secured in the face of natural disasters, reminiscent of how thatched roofs were secured in olden times.

Lastly, community spirit, a tradition in itself, is emphasized. Sharing information and helping neighbors is encouraged.



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