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RENPHO Eyeris 3 and EyeSnooze Aroma Launch
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RENPHO Launches Updated Viral Eye Massager and Sleep Mask: The Eyeris 3 and EyeSnooze Aroma

Today RENPHO, leading innovator of health and wellness lifestyle solutions, has announced the launch of the Eyeris 3 Eye Massager and EyeSnooze Aroma Sleep Mask. The Eyeris 3 Eye Massager provides an upgraded experience to the company’s fan favorite, Eyeris 1 Eye Massager, now with an all-new: removable cooling gel mask, wider eye cushion to massage the temples, and voice commands for hands-free control. While, the EyeSnooze Aroma features black-out sensory blocking, optional heating, aromatherapy, and a comfortable memory foam design to improve sleep quality.

For a limited time, both the Eyeris 3 and EyeSnooze Aroma are available as a special introductory bundle offer, here on The Eyeris 3 and EyeSnooze Aroma provide the ultimate at-home wellness experience without a hefty price tag. Both products are travel-friendly and designed to enhance users’ morning and night routines, by promoting relaxation, alleviating headaches and eye fatigue, reducing dry eyes and dark circles, and boosting sleep quality – even when on the go! This duo offers a spa experience no matter where you are, morning or night.

“Customers loved our original eye massager, as the Eyeris 1 took social media by storm, going viral across TikTok and Instagram time and time again,” said Jonathon Baggia at RENPHO. “Our R&D Team was tasked with redesigning an even more innovative version of our best-seller inspired by true customer feedback and reviews. Not only did they come up with an improved version of our best-selling eye massager, but they also created the EyeSnooze Aroma Sleep Mask – providing our fans a product duo that will simplify and enhance relaxation for any time of day.”



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