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Avenda Health's Unfold AI™ platform changing the face of personalized prostate cancer care
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Pioneering AI Platform Unfold AI™ Enhances Prostate Cancer Care

Avenda Health’s Unfold AI™ is an FDA cleared prostate cancer management platform that is now being used for the first time in a commercial setting with patients at a renowned U.S. research hospital. The AI-powered platform merges deep-learning algorithms with patient-specific data from prostate imaging, biopsies, and pathology to create a tailored cancer estimation map that helps physicians make better treatment decisions and plan interventions effectively.

Dr. Leonard Marks, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Avenda Health, expressed his excitement about the platform’s impact: “Our mission at Avenda Health is to create a better quality of life for prostate cancer patients and to give urologists a clearer view of the cancer so we can better treat our patients. Unfold AI will improve clinical care and decision making. This is a major step forward for the prostate cancer community, and we are beyond thrilled to see a decade of hard work and research pay off.”

Clinical studies have demonstrated that Unfold AI improves urologists’ sensitivity of identifying the extent of the tumor to over 98%. By offering multiple treatment options, such as active surveillance, whole gland treatments like radical prostatectomy and radiation therapy, or soft tissue laser ablation using Avenda Health’s FocalPoint device, Unfold AI has the potential to revolutionize prostate cancer care. The platform received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. FDA in December 2022. To learn more about Avenda Health and its innovative platform, visit



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