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Peach State Health Plan and Pyx Health Partnership
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Peach State Health Plan, Pyx Health Announce Partnership to Combat Social Isolation, Loneliness and Depression in Georgia Youth

Today, Peach State Health Plan, a care management organization that serves the needs of Georgians through a range of health insurance solutions and wholly owned subsidiary of Centene Corporation (NYSE: CNC), announced a new partnership with Pyx Health, a health care technology company, in a new initiative to combat social isolation, loneliness and depression in young Georgians.

With this launch, more than 305,000 Peach State Health Plan members ages 13 to 17 now have access to Pyx Health’s interactive platform, evidence based screening and trained human support from young adults with shared life experience called ANDYs (Authentic, Nurturing, Dependable and Your friend) for loneliness and depression while proactively connecting them with critical resources to improve their overall health, resiliency and social supports.

“Peach State Health Plan is committed to finding innovative solutions that address whole health needs, which include physical, behavioral and social health,” said Wade Rakes, President and Chief Executive Officer of Peach State Health Plan. “Loneliness and social isolation can take a significant toll on the overall health of any young person, fueling issues such as depression, anxiety and risk of suicide. By addressing root-cause mental and emotional challenges, we are taking preventative steps to mitigate mental health emergencies, improve health outcomes and continue to make a positive impact for our young Georgians.”

Through the partnership, Pyx will provide Peach State Health Plan members access to local and national 24/7 crisis hotlines, health plan and community resources, and a menu of relevant, teen-focused content such as dating safety and cyberbullying. Members can access Pyx Health and connect to resources at any time of day, ensuring that they get the precise help they need the moment they need it. Pyx Health’s staff are background-checked and certified to provide social support and are overseen by an independently licensed clinical professional.

“Pyx Health’s vision is to tackle loneliness where it matters most, for everyone who needs it,” said Cindy Jordan, founder and CEO of Pyx Health. “And our kids are among those who need it most. The Surgeon General has underlined the dire need for youth support in his recent report saying that ‘youth mental health is the defining public health crisis of our time,’ highlighting the role of loneliness and social isolation in contributing to teen depression. By example, the CDC reported that nearly 20% of teens surveyed in 2021 had considered suicide in the past year. We are honored to be a part of Peach State Health Plan’s crucial mission to serve and support their vulnerable teens.”

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