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1 in Every 3 Youngsters has an Adjustment Problem: MindPeers Reports

MindPeers, a first of its kind neuroscience-backed and evidence-based mental health platform, has published its research report titled “MindPeers Mental Strengths Research 2023”, revealing one in every three adults, i.e., over 33% of 72,500(Plus) responded adults are suffering from adjustment problems. This demographic of adulthood is tribulated with the questions of money management, career anxiety, fading friendships, ageing parents, and depreciating self-worth.

According to the report, 70% of the surveyed report being highly stressed. Consequently, the demographic is also revealed to be struggling with low energy, resulting in burnout, lack of focus and procrastination. Anxiety had been reported to be the reason for 40% of the surveyed to seek therapeutic support. However, this demographic ranks above average in the Measure of ‘Self Expression,’ which is a scale of self-awareness. This strength allows the young demographic to manage and regulate emotions, as and when their stressors appear.

The Mind Peers Mental Strengths Research 2023 also reports that 50% of the surveyed struggle with their work and career. The 18-35 age group reported a disharmony between the measures of Aspiration and Leadership, showcasing a lack of direction among the respondents. Additionally, more than 81% of the current workforce values mental health awareness more than monetary compensation at work. The value of a psychologically safe space emerges as a leading determiner in employee satisfaction in the workplace.

Relationships and Family elicit 30% stress from the demographic of 18-35, ranking them lower than average on the measure “Connection”. Breeding isolation fosters loneliness among young adults, which remains the reason for 25% of the users seeking therapy. Additionally, close to 20% of the surveyed reports stress due to their current or future financial situation. The same demographic scores below average on the Measure of “Financial Fitness.” This estranged relationship with money propels lack of confidence in financial decisions. More than 89% are constantly thinking about how much money they have.

Commenting on the publication, Kanika Agarwal, the Co-Founder at MindPeers expressed, “Even with a ripe and skilled demographic dividend, the nation has a distressed young population at its hands, that needs direction more than instruction. As a mental health platform rooted in behaviour & neuroscience, MindPeers remains committed to addressing these challenges and providing accessible, comprehensive support to young adults struggling with mental health issues. Through awareness, education, and proactive interventions led by parents, educational institutions, employers, and policymakers, we can empower this demographic to navigate life’s challenges and bolster their mental strength.”

On joining forces with MindPeers as an Investor, Namita Thapar, Executive Director at Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd. said, “Mental Health has become a national crisis & the reason it will continue growing is due to the fact that it’s still considered a taboo & people don’t seek help. Secondly there is a shortage of affordable counsellors in this area. Open & candid conversations around this is a must which is why I have partnered with MindPeers which addresses both these gaps. The goal is to empower our youth who will be our future leaders & important contributors to take our nation to greater heights.”

Considering these eye-opening revelations, MindPeers remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering mental resilience among young adults. By pioneering a strength-based approach, MindPeers leverages technology to collect, analyse and integrate behavioral data about how our mind impacts our lives. With their neuroscience-based platform, they aim to empower individuals to overcome challenges, prioritize well-being, and lead fulfilling lives proactively



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