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C2 Plus IVL Catheter Technology at Paras Health
Doctor Dispatch

Paras Health Gurugram achieves the milestone of becoming the 3rd Centre in India to successfully utilize the latest C2 plus IVL Catheter Technology for Cardiology Complex Angioplasty

Paras Health Gurugram, a pioneer in advanced medical care, has achieved another remarkable technological milestone by becoming the third medical center in India to adopt the groundbreaking C2 Plus IVL Catheter technology within five days of its launch in India. The Director & Unit Head, Interventional Cardiology at Paras Health, Dr. Amit Bhushan Sharma, successfully treated a 58-year-old female patient with 100% artery blockage, grappling with complications including high blood sugar levels and hypertension using the new groundbreaking technology. The revolutionary C2 Plus IVL Catheter technology is designed to address cases of blocked coronaries that prove resistant to traditional cardiac treatments such as stereotypical ballooning and stent implantation.

The patient was experiencing chest pain when she was brought to the hospital and underwent various tests like instant ECG and cardiac enzymes test. Though the results of these tests were normal but pain was persistent, the doctors remained vigilant anticipating some underlying cardiac issue due to the patient’s symptoms and medical history. On the other hand patient family were in false assumption that the issue was due to lifting of heavy lpg cylinder at home which patient had done yesterday at home. The patient reached a critical stage the same night with no pulse. Dr. Bhushan and his team then performed a CPR to revive the patient and on further diagnosis, she was detected to be suffering from complete artery blockage. A surgery was thereafter performed using the C2 Plus IVL Catheter technology to cure the calcified blockage as ballooning and stent implantation were not an option during this stage. The patient was released 5 days post-surgery and is now doing fine.

Commenting on the procedure, Dr. Amit Bhushan Sharma, Director & Unit Head of Interventional Cardiology at Paras Health, Gurugram, said “We at Paras stand witness to the profound impact of medical innovation, and this case exemplifies the transformative potential of advanced technologies in saving lives. We are proud to be the third center in India for using this successfully for delivering unparalleled care to patients. The successful utilization of the C2 plus IVL Catheter technology not only reinstates our dedication to push the boundaries of cardiac care but also reaffirms our commitment for providing hope where there is none.”



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