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Kauvery B.E.A.T 2023 Event
Doctor Dispatch

Kauvery Hospital’s 2nd Edition of Kauvery B.E.A.T Event Ignites World Heart Day with over 2,500 Participants in 5K Marathon

Kauvery Hospital, Electronic City exemplifies medical excellence through comprehensive care, advanced technology, and compassionate service, fostering community health and well-being. On World Heart Day, Kauvery Hospital launched the second edition of the Kauvery B.E.A.T event at Wipro Gate 9, Electronic City, Bengaluru, with around 2,500 participants. They actively participated in a 5 km Walkathon, a Marathon, and a Cyclothon, in the presence of the Chief Guest Ms. Shweta Maurya, Fit India Ambassador, wellness consultant, and model.

Kauvery B.E.A.T is a unique community-driven initiative aimed at raising awareness about cardiovascular health and inspiring individuals to adopt a health-conscious and active lifestyle. This event is closely aligned with World Heart Day, under the theme “Use Heart, Know Heart,” providing an excellent platform for people to reflect on the importance of heart health for both personal well-being and the community.

The Kauvery B.E.A.T 2023 event was packed with exciting activities. It commenced with an energetic Zumba Warm-Up and an official Flag-off Ceremony graced by notable guests. Health experts provided valuable insights during Cardio Health Talks. The event wrapped up patriotically with the National Anthem. Key partners include ELCITA, WIPRO, Cycool, Kauvery Meds, and Miresi.

Chief Guest, Ms. Shweta Maurya, Said “Participating in this event was truly inspiring. A healthy heart is the gateway to a vibrant life. Encouragingly, dedicating just 30 minutes a day to cardio exercises can effectively enhance heart health and extend our journey towards a healthier future.”

Dr. Vivek G, Senior Consultant of interventional cardiology, at Kauvery Hospital Said, “Prioritizing the Walk-Run-Cycle approach is vital for heart health. Sedentary habits have elevated the risk of heart disease these days. However, even small adjustments can have a significant impact. Assuming responsibility for your heart’s health through these simple changes is a proactive stride towards a healthier, stronger heart, and overall well-being.”

Dr. Rajesh T R, Senior Consultant – Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery, Kauvery Hospital said “Events like walkathons, marathons, and cyclothons don’t just mark finish lines; they break personal barriers. They inspire healthier habits, fostering resilience, discipline, and profound achievement. They’re not just about physical health; they reshape lives for the better.”



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