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Ultreon Coronary Imaging System
Doctor Dispatch

Kauvery Hospital – Radial Road, Chennai Introduces Next-Generation AI-Based Ultreon Coronary Imaging System

Kauvery Heart Institute, the center of excellence in comprehensive cardiac services at Kauvery Hospital – Radial Road, Kovilambakkam, proudly announces the launch of the latest AI-based Ultreon Coronary Imaging system. By acquiring this ground-breaking technology, Kauvery Hospital – Radial Road positions itself as the leader in Cardiac Sciences by being the first hospital in Tamil Nadu to acquire a state-of-the-art OCT system, empowering cardiologists with advanced capabilities for precise coronary analysis and guiding complex angioplasty and stenting procedures.

Artificial intelligence (AI) powered Ultreon, the latest generation system, offers automatic quantification of coronary blocks, vessel sizing, and detailed analysis of block types such as lipid and calcification. Its unique co-registration feature is a guiding tool for physicians performing complex angioplasty and stenting, commonly called CHIP PCI.

To showcase cutting-edge technology, a workshop was conducted today, where cardiologists in the city witnessed live demonstrations. The workshop was conducted under the watchful eyes of Prof. Takashi Akasaka, Wakayama University, Japan. The event was also live-streamed, providing education on the procedural details. The Ultreon version is set to revolutionize the treatment of vessels with advanced coronary artery disease or severe calcification. OCT, a high-definition imaging modality utilizing near-infrared light, enables cardiologists to assess lesion characteristics and plaque morphology for coronary artery disease with unparalleled precision. The Ultreon system enables side-by-side viewing of live and co-registered angiograms, facilitating accurate stent deployment.

Since its launch, the Kauvery Heart Institute has completed over 25 complex procedures in its inaugural month. Patients with advanced coronary atherosclerotic disease and calcification, who are at a high surgical risk have been effectively treated with interventional cath procedures. Ultreon is vital in guiding physicians by precisely detecting the extent of calcium deposits and confirming their removal through intervention.

Prof Dr. Ajith Pillai, the hospital’s Chief Cardiologist, expressed enthusiasm about the Ultreon technology, stating, “The Kauvery Heart Institute is committed to providing the most advanced interventional cardiology care. The Ultreon Coronary Imaging system significantly adds to our state-of-the-art integrated imaging technology. It equips our cardiologists with the tools to perform interventions with exceptional precision, ultimately benefiting our patients.”

The Kauvery Heart Institute continues to excel in interventional cardiology, offering expertise in advanced procedures for coronary, pediatric, endovascular, and interventional electrophysiology cases. The institute’s commitment to integrating the most advanced imaging technology further enhances the accuracy and success of these interventions.



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