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Josh Foundation Organizes “Josh Super League,” a Sports Event for Hearing-Impaired Kids

The Josh Foundation recently hosted the “Josh Super League,” a sports event aimed at promoting values like an active lifestyle and team building among hearing-impaired children. The event was held on World Hearing Day and saw the participation of around 325 hearing-impaired children competing against each other in yoga, athletics, cricket, basketball, and football.

The event also witnessed the donation of digital hearing aids to 16 hearing-impaired children. Notably, the Josh Foundation had previously organized the “Josh Dance Competition” last month, which was attended by actor Javed Jaffrey and several other eminent personalities from the entertainment industry.

Chief Guest Mr. Ziauddin Khatib, a 3-time world kickboxing champion and president of Indian kickboxing, praised the children’s performance and suggested taking them to international sports competitions.

Ms. Devangi Dalal, one of the founders of the Josh Foundation, spoke about the inspiration behind the event, saying, “Each and every kid has extensive stamina and strength, and sports activity is the best gateway to showcase that. The impaired kids aren’t exceptions; they are just normal kids with a medical condition that is very easily manageable with the right aid.”

Guest of Honour Ms. Neha Sapte, an international rifle shooter, also praised the children’s enthusiasm and stated that their joy and performances inspired her to work even harder for her country.

The event received support from Smitha Vijaykar, the founder of Coresport Republic, who said, “It’s my honor to support these kids through sports on World Hearing Day,” and Naresh Sarvaiya, the president of Balkan-ji-Bari, who expressed his gratitude towards the Josh Foundation for the noble cause they are working towards.



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