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Giant, rare fibroid, the size of a 9-month foetus removed successfully from the abdomen of a young 24-year-old woman at the CK Birla Hospital®

In a pioneering myomectomy surgery, a young 24-year-old female patient from Bihar was successfully treated for a giant 3.45 kg fibroid at the CK Birla Hospital®, Gurugram. The patient was diagnosed with a large mass engulfing the whole abdomen, which was growing in size and causing her pain and discomfort. Her ultrasound scan and MRI confirmed that a large 27 x 17.5 cm fibroid, almost the size of a 9-month foetus, was growing in her uterus. Additionally, she was also diagnosed as severely anaemic.

Furthering the commitment to strengthening delivery of international standards of clinical excellence, Dr Deepika Aggarwal, Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology at the CK Birla Hospital®, Gurugram successfully conducted the surgery using diluted vasopressin with fluid between the planes of the fibroid and uterus (womb) while carefully taking the large tumor out and ensuring minimum loss of blood. Since the patient was severely anaemic, she was given 4 units of transfusion pre-operatively to build up her haemoglobin.

Uterine fibroids are less common in adolescents as compared with adults. Their occurrence in the adolescent population is infrequent and relatively few cases have been documented in  literature. In such cases, preserving fertility is difficult due to its criticality.

Commenting on the case, Dr Deepika Aggarwal said, “Treatment of such a large fibroid is challenging and requires precise diagnosis and perfection in surgical treatment. In this case, the patient and her family were concerned about preserving her fertility since she was unmarried. The line of treatment was successful and we not only preserved her fertility but also recorded minimal blood loss, while ensuring that she emerged healthy post surgery. The patient was counselled about family planning and was advised not to conceive for a year in order to let the wound heal.”

The patient stated, ‘I was quite worried when I got to know about my condition. After visiting multiple gynaecologists in the last 5 years, I was not given the assurance of preserving my fertility. I was very concerned, but when I consulted Dr. Deepika at the CK Birla Hospital®, she assured me that the fibroid could be removed with minimal blood loss and that my fertility would be preserved.’

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Akshat SethChief Executive Officer, CK Birla Healthcare, said, “We are committed to providing global standards of healthcare services by using advanced medical innovations and techniques for treating our patients. This case, like many others, is a testimony to our long-standing track record of delivering world-class healthcare. “

“Our hospital in Gurgaon aims to take forward patient-centric and clinically reliable care that we stand for. This successful outcome is a reaffirmation of our clinical excellence through a case that is rare and critical in nature’’ said Mr. Vipul JainChief Business Officer, CK Birla Hospital®.



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