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CEAT Specialty Ambernath plant awarded five-star safety rating
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Five-Star British Safety Council Rating Achieved by CEAT Specialty Ambernath Facility

The Ambernath plant of CEAT Specialty has earned a distinguished five-star rating from the British Safety Council. The rating was awarded after a comprehensive audit of the plant’s occupational health and safety policies, processes, and practices, including a review of documentation, interviews with key personnel, and operational activity sampling.

Both Mike Robinson, CEO of the British Safety Council, and Amit Tolani, Chief Executive of CEAT Specialty, lauded the accomplishment as evidence of the company’s commitment to maintaining high standards in health and safety arrangements and managing risks to workers’ health, safety, and wellbeing.

CEAT Specialty, a prominent tire manufacturer in India and part of the RPG Group, specializes in the production of tires for various applications such as farm, mining, earthmover, industrial, and construction equipment, as well as special application off-road tires. More information can be found at



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