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FEELM Sparks Green Wave at Pioneering UK Vaping Eco-Summit

FEELM, a tech trailblazer, recently inspired change at the UK Vaping Industry Association’s first-ever ‘Greenprint for Sustainable Vaping’ summit. This groundbreaking virtual event explored the vaping sector’s ecological challenges and ignited conversations about industry collaboration, disruptive innovations, and adaptive regulatory approaches.

The summit aimed to devise a Greenprint for Sustainable Vaping, a blueprint driving environmental initiatives that help create a greener vaping industry. Key discussions focused on developing a national recycling and waste management system, advancing novel vape technologies that promote recycling and reuse, and motivating consumers and retailers to adopt eco-conscious vaping practices.

Echo Liu, European Division Director for FEELM, championed the call for industry-wide environmental collaboration, stating, “Providing eco-friendly vaping solutions and addressing the indiscriminate discarding of disposable vapes are critical.” UKVIA Director General John Dunne concurred, highlighting the need for increased education and collective efforts among regulators, industry stakeholders, and environmental management experts.

Committed to sustainable transformation, FEELM fosters green strategies among its partners. Echo emphasized the vital role consumers play in recycling and called for united efforts within the vaping industry to accelerate environmental progress. By adopting FEELM’s eco-centric approach, partners can enjoy enhanced social and business outcomes, earning consumer trust and loyalty, distinguishing their brand from competitors, and maintaining compliance with government regulations.

The summit serves as a catalyst for change, propelling the vaping industry towards a more sustainable future. As FEELM continues to lead by example, the collective push for environmental breakthroughs will only strengthen, paving the way for a greener vaping landscape.



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