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Star Impex Beverage Launches CANCRO

Star Impex Beverage, a globally known, homegrown brand with a legacy of 35 years, launches CANCRO, a revolutionary product in the field of fitness and well-being. CANCRO is the only Deuterium Depleted Drink in India, 2nd in Asia and one of the six brands worldwide to enter the depleted drink segment.

Over the years, medical research has shown that decreasing the level of Deuterium in the tissues and organs is a natural biological process. However, the body’s ability to deplete Deuterium decreases as we get less exercise or sunlight, fall sick, and get older. The water we typically consume has a higher Deuterium level of 165 ppm, whereas CANCRO water has depleted Deuterium levels below 125 ppm. A lower Deuterium level helps improve immunity, prevents disease, improves mental well-being, helps curtail diseases such as diabetes, heart issues, thalassemia and cancer while actively increasing energy levels and enhancing athletic performance, and contributing towards injury recovery.

Arsh Mehta conceptualized the brand in 2018 as he wanted such a health-conscious drink to be accessible to all levels of the Indian community where there is an emerging mindset in the youth – focused on one’s health. He also emphasized on the affordability and social impact of this product – therefore making sure it can be consumed by anyone and given back to the planet simultaneously. The gap between the international and Indian market set him on a journey of rigorous market research and development, to introduce India’s first and only Deuterium-depleted drink – a bottle of water which incorporates Curcumin & Iodine extracts for a positive impact internally.

Arsh Mehta commented on the launch, “Our main aim at CANCRO is to help prevent and abate tumorous diseases, skin ageing processes, and other prevalent skin diseases such as psoriasis. After years of research, studies showed that consuming Deuterium-depleted drinks help heal our bodies internally as it has multiple health benefits, the most evident one being fighting the side effects of chemotherapy and helping your body cope better with a disease like cancer. We wanted to create something sustainable and affordable for everyday use and contribute to the betterment of the livelihood of people as well as give back to our planet. Therefore, we’ve made CANCRO in 100% recyclable food-grade PET bottles.”

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